Institution Services

Developing environmental awareness and directing young people into engineering profession in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau.

Environmental Education

Educational programmes to promote sustainable development through environmental education.


To empower young people to lead environmental processes and actions in Guinea-Bissau.

Engineering Incubator

To help young people in Guinea-Bissau to identify a career in engineering that matches their interest.

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April 22, 2017

Hackney CVS visit to NSEF

Hackney Council for Voluntary Services (CVS) visited the NSEF’s office in the Knowledge Dock Business Centre. The team was led

April 22, 2017

The NSEF Registration

Therefore we registered the NSEF project in London as a Not–For–Profit organisation to comply with the UK laws.The organisation was

April 22, 2017

NSEF’s Chairman first visit

João Adriano Conduto Júnior (MSc(Econ)), chairman of the Nenita Sá Engineering Foundation (NSEF), visited Knowledge Dock Business Centre in London